Don’t like Unity? Want classic Gnome Desktop?

I quite like the Unity Desktop. But for whatever reason
you are hankering for the classic Gnome Desktop, it does not mean that you have to do a re-install.
Changing to Classic Gnome Desktop is quite easy. Here’s how.
Don’t like the unity desktop? Want to go back to the Gnome Desktop?
You do not have to reinstall. It is quite easy.
Method 1:
Click on the far-right-hand Ubuntu icon.
Then click on system settings.
Look for Login screen.
Click on it and if asked for password, authenticate. Click on the list window where Ubuntu is written.
Select Ubuntu Classic from the list.
Close all windows and logout .
Log back in.
Method 2.
Restart computer.
At the login screen, look for Ubuntu on the bottom panel. Click on the list box and select Ubuntu classic. and login with password. There you have your classic Gnome Desktop.
Checkout the clip below.
classic gnome