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A Retired Academic, I Use Linux

Welcome to My Website!!

About Me

Soon after my birth in Hoima,Uganda, my parents moved to a place called Kakira, better known as Madhvani Nagar. After a year my parents moved to a little town called Kamuli, about 40 miles from Jinja, where I finished my Primary school. At the age of 11, I went to Jinja to study at the High School. I stayed in a hostel called 'Lohana Boarding'. Having spent 3 years in Jinja, my father decided to send the family to India. I spent two years in a city called Junagadh. At the time, my younger brother and I felt that Junagadh would not provide us the kind of future we were seeking (No disrespect to Junagadh). So we ran away to Bombay, where I graduated in Botany and Zoology.

I had a wonderful time in Bombay. In 1975 I came to UK. I went to Leeds University to study for a PhD in Genetics.

id degree subject year university
1 B.Sc Honours Computing & IT 2008 Open University, UK
2 DipIT Information Technology 2006 Open University, UK
3 Dipcom Computing 2000 Open University, UK
4 Ph. D Genetics 1983 Leeds University, UK
5 M. Sc. Genetics 1971 Bhavan's College, Bombay, India
6 B. Sc. Botany & Zoology 1969 Bhavan's College, Bombay, India
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The table above, shows a list of the degrees I obtained, along with the subject, the year and the University from which I graduated.
In 1975 I went to Leeds University to study for a Ph D in Genetics. This page gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to 'my guru', Professor Alan Radford ( Radford) and also to Dr Jaqui Stuart, Dr GRK Sastry and all the staff at the Genetics Department in Leeds for their help and support. The links ( My CV)and (My Interests) tell you more about me.