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Welcome to My Website!!

Courses for the Computing and IT degree

at Open University

id year course description level
1 1998 M261 Maths in Computing: Useful for those without "O" or "A" level maths 2
2 1998 M206 Computing:An object-oriented Approach: Enjoyed the code snippets from "smalltalk" that made frogs jump. Smalltalk is forgotten now. 2
3 1999 M358 Relational Databases: This was an introduction to SQL using SQL Anywhere database and IDE. Nowadays it would be mysql or postgresql. OU now has a course using Oracle. 3
4 2000 M458 This was a project following from M358. Enjoyed creating a relational database for a fictional supermarket. 3
5 2000 M301 Software systems and their development: Made the mistake of taking this course in the year of its inception. OU made a mess of it, I struggled too. It was soon replaced by 2 courses involving Java. 3
6 2001 MT262 Putting Computer Systems to work: Mainly C++ programming. 2
7 2003 T171 You, Your Computer and the Net: 1
8 2004 T223 Microprocessor-based Computers 2
9 2005 T209 Information & Communication Technologies: 2
10 2006 T305 Digital Communications: 3
11 2007 TM423 T305 Project 3
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