Upgrade to Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot aka Ubuntu 11.10

On Friday, 14th October, On booting Ubuntu 11.04, I was presented with the option of upgrading to Oneiric Ocelot.
However, the upgrade did not work, presumably because the Ubuntu servers must have been busy. I was again presented with the upgrade option on Monday the 17th. This time the upgrade worked. It took an hour and a half to upgrade. It all went smoothly. I changed the appearance (from system settings in the shut down wheel icon) to “high contrast”. The shut down wheel and the volume icons disappeared from the right-hand corner of the top panel. I thought that was a bug in Ocelot. Trawled the Google search for a solution to no avail. Today on 19th October, changed the appearance to “Ambiance” . Low and behold the two missing icons reappeared. I am quite pleased with the upgrade.
Ocelot looks great. The Ubuntu Dash Home icon has been moved from the top panel to the unity launcher. The application and files and folders lenses have been removed from Ocelot.
The only other application that doesn’t work is Gwibber. It refuses to refresh. I have installed Hotot for now, to look at tweets. The rest is fine. I think I will get used to Oneiric Ocelot.

Ubuntu 11.10 Logo
Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot