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A Retired Academic, I Use Linux

Welcome to My Website!!

My Interests and Hobbies


One of the benefits of reading Botany and Zoology at Bhavan's was that it gave me the opportunity to see most of India, on the pretext of collecting plant and animal specimen. If you are wondering why this piece is included here, it is because not only were these trips educational, they also gave me the opportunity to see most of India.. I could not have seen the length and breadth of India if it had not also served an educational purpose. We used to travel to exotic places to collect plant specimens. I have had the opportunity to see most of India (except, Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala) thanks to Biology. I would love to visit some of the states I missed when a student in India. Amongst the more memorable places I have seen are Lonavala and Khandala in the Western Ghats, Mahabaleswar, Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty, Madras, Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra(The Tajmahal), Chandigadh, parts of Madhyapradesh, Gujarat and Kashmir.

After comming to UK, I have had the opportunity to see most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland I have not yet ventured beyond Glasgow and Edinburgh. In Europe I have been to Paris, Rome, Germany, Turkey and Switzerland.. In Africa, Having been born in Uganda, I have seen all of Kenya & Uganda. In addition, I have also travelled to Egypt.


At School and University, like a lot of other students, I was interested in playing Cricket, Table Tennis and Football. After graduating with a B.Sc degree in Biology, the interest in sport waned. Now I mostly learn computing with Linux and Ubuntu.


At Bhavan's College during my undergraduate days I was a voracious reader. The books I read ranged from Perry Mason, Agatha Christie, James Hadeley Chase, to more serious fiction like Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitshyn. I also read a lot of Hindi classics that included Munshi Premchand, Sharatchandra and Tagore. My mother tongue being Gujarati, I read a lot of Gujarati Fiction and History of Gujarat. The authors I was interested in were, Kanayalal Munshi, Meghani, Goverdhan Tripathhi, Jyotindra Dave, Pannalal Patel, Ramanlal Desai, Dhumketu and many more. At High School in Uganda it was mostly English literature ranging from Dickens and Austen to P. G. Wodehouse to Thomas Hardy and H. G. Wells, Brontes and Shakespeare, and many more.


Now a days I just try the Guardian Crossword and sometimes succeed in finishing it. But for the most part I try to read and understand books on Computing and IT. That brings me to my current interest or hobby which is to try and learn about Linux and Open Source. If you want to know more about my affair with Linux, you will have to click ( here).

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