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Welcome to My Website!!

Trusha Weds Amit @ Rajwadu on 17th January 2011.

The slide-shows were made from photo-shoot of the Wedding.

Click on the radio button to select the video clip you wish to play. Please click on only one at a time.

Trusha 1 Trusha 2 Trusha 3 Trusha 4 Trusha 5 Trusha 6 Seema

If you want to watch these videos, the best browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera 11.5. You may not be able to watch the videos in Internet Explorer. In case you are using Internet Explorer, download the videos by right clicking and saving them on the desktop. Once downloaded you can watch them on VLC player or Real Player. If you insist on using Windows Media Player, get theora or ogg codecs for WMP. You can get the codecs here: http://www.xiph.org/dshow/