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Welcome to My Website!!

Why did I migrate to Linux?

Here are a few of several very good reasons why Linux is better than other Operating systems.

Linux does not need anti-virus, because there are no known viruses that infect Linux distributions. Besides no one can install anything on your computer without a password. However, if you are worried about viruses and worms and Trojans, you can install Avg, Clam AV or Avast.

Linux is robust. While no one can guarantee that a PC will not crash, my Ubuntu has not crashed once in 4 years. Ubuntu upgrades have a 6monthly cycle; I do upgrade when an upgrade is available, but I wait until the bugs in the upgrade version are fixed.

Any programmer can download the code, have a look, and see whether it might have security flaws. On the other hand, the only people allowed to look at the Windows source code (its "recipe") are people working for Microsoft.

Linux server and Operating systems cost nothing. Of course if you wish to donate out of generosity or gratitude, you are free to do so. Also if you install Linux server and want support, you need to pay for it, but even that is a lot cheaper than proprietary Operating Systems.

Linux and open source software are released under GPL (General Public Service) license. It means, any one can download any software, including the operating system, copy it, modify the source code and redistribute it so long as it is under GPL.

For most proprietary software there are open source alternatives available. You do not need to pirate software when it is available for free.

If you need more convincing, try this link. (Manu Cornet).

There is a large community of developers working for each of the hundreds of Linux flavours. This means bugs are fixed almost as soon as they are reported. In addition, if you get stuck any time when trying to install or run any application, you just have to Google your problem and hundreds of willing and lovely people will be there to solve your problems. You will not have to part with your Credit card details.

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I decided to take the plunge into Linux when RedHat Linux first started. Armed with a cd and a book on Redhat, I tried to install. After a lot of trials and headbanging, I gave up. I went back to Linux in 2006, primarily because windows Xp required frequent reinstalls as it kept going slower and slower a few weeks after every reinstall. The last straw was when after a reinstall, Microsoft kept telling me that my perfectly legitimate copy of XP was not legal. I then installed Ubuntu version 6.04. I have not looked back since. If you would like to know how I migrated to Ubuntu Linux, click (How I Switched to Linux)

I have tested all the major distributions of Linux, including Mandriva, Fedora, Centos Open Suse and several derivatives of these. I like all these variations of Linux. If you want to know why I prefer Ubuntu Gnome and the latest Ubuntu KDE(KDE4.4) you will have to click the link (Why Ubuntu)

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